Dr. Maria Rodriguez

Best Selling Author and Authority on Nurturing Immigrant Triumphs

The immigration process itself, with its bureaucratic hurdles, uncertainties, and potential setbacks, can exacerbate mental health challenges. Dr. Maria supports and advocates for the mental health of every immigrant with challenges of acculturation.

Topics I Discuss


Immigration Guidance

Expert advice on visas, applications, and legal procedures.

Mental health support

Individual and family counseling to address anxiety, depression, and other challenges.

Practical assistance

Translation services, navigating local resources, and overcoming daily obstacles.

Flourish in a New Home:

Adapt to new cultural norms and overcome emotional challenges with compassionate counseling and support.

Achieve Your American Dream

Access personalized guidance and resources to help you reach your personal and professional goals in the United States.

Find Strength in Community

Connect with a supportive network of individuals and families at the Care Counseling Center, a welcoming haven for immigrants.

Receive Tailored Support

Benefit from Dr. Rodriguez’s unique understanding of the immigrant experience, ensuring your specific needs are addressed with empathy and expertise.

Build a Brighter Future

Invest in your well-being and secure a positive future for yourself and your family through comprehensive, multi-faceted care.
About Me

I’m Dr. Maria Rodriguez
I know first hand how complex and challenging the immigration journey can be and the toll it takes on your mental health.

Dr. Maria Rodriguez, a prominent advocate and expert in the field of immigration, has sparked a crucial conversation about the intersection of immigration success and its impact on mental health.

The prevalence of common mental disorders such as depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) tends to be higher among migrants


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